Your trusted “hometown” provider for delivering powerful, leader-driven, customer service training that goes above and beyond the ordinary. We help your business excel in the areas of customer service mastery!

Boland Training and Development is a professional consulting company located in Minnesota, specializing in customer service training.  In addition to our exceptional training, Boland Training and Development offers a wide variety of services including team building, building effective communication skills, telephone training and professional coaching. We serve businesses with front-line employees who interact with the customer daily and are ready to start training your team in customer service mastery.  

Our training is customized to fit the needs of each business and we focus on an inside out approach that benefits our customers.  Through alignment, mission, an authentic service mentality and relationship building, we create an environment for your employees to learn and grow which will have a positive impact on your customer.  When employees feel like and know how they contribute to a company’s mission, they are more motivated.  When they are more motivated, they have a willingness to shine for your customer.  It’s that simple.

As an experienced Customer Service Training Company in Minnesota, we have over 25 years of customer service experience and are dedicated to training our clients on how to create an exceptional customer experience for their clients, showing them a simple, yet “outside of the box” formula as the foundation. Simply put, your customers’ experience can be summed up in this formula:

YOUR EMPLOYEES communication abilities + THEIR level of engagement in the job + THEIR listening skills + THEIR interaction with YOUR customer + YOUR product = YOUR customer’s experience


If you’d like to consider Ann as a Keynote Speaker or Trainer for your employees, and learn about the powerful impact your employees can have on YOUR customers, contact us for a free consultation.  Additionally, we personally mentor 5 people per year who are committed to growing their teams, businesses and themselves and we show them how they can receive our team training for free.  Call us at 651-247-7228 to find out more information on our Executive Mentorship Program

Let us help you create a new culture that fosters growth and improves your customers overall experience.


Companies Served:

  • Hampton Inn and Suites, Lino Lakes, Minnesota:  “We are very pleased with the service we received from Boland Training and we feel our investment was well worth what we received in exchange”  Barbara White, Director of Sales
  • Northstar Chapter of the American Payroll Association:  “Boland Training and Development has trained at our monthly breakfast for payroll professionals in Minnesota on 3 separate occasions.  Each time it was well received and we highly recommend their services.  Each time, we left with tools we could all use to improve our communications within our own departments and with our business partners“.  Rebecca Coker, Northstar Chapter of the American Payroll Association
  • Waldoch Custom Crafts, Forest Lake, Minnesota:  “Ann, with Boland Training and Development, trained our staff on 2 separate occasions.  After surveying the employees, we were delighted that our employees implemented much of what they learned.” Sheila Waldoch, Warranty and Serivce.
  • ItWorks Global:  “We have had Boland Training and Development train our team members on numerous occasions.  The biggest takeaway from our training was helping us understand that how we “show up” in our industry has a gigantic impact on our team members and customers.  The bottom line is, with Ann you get results!!!  “I am so thrilled with the training I have received as a group, I have hired Ann as my individual mentor and professional coach”.  “I had Boland Training and Development provide a webinar for our team members in California and all across the United States.  The training was well received and we look forward to working with them again.”  Lynn Carver-Quinn, Double Diamond Executive, Kelli Seidenkranz, Double Diamond Executive, Gemma Cain, Diamond Executive.
  • doTerra United States:  “My team and I are thankful for the training we received with Boland Training and Development” and have purchased Ann’s book, Jumping From Impossible to Unstoppable in Your Business by Re-Igniting the Power Within”.  Kelly Cole
  • Rapid Press and Printing:  “I had the pleasure of working with Ann and was impressed with her professionalism and creativity. I hired Ann to coach one of my employees with personal development. What a success! The employee was very receptive and grew from the experience and interaction with Ann”. Stev Stegner, Owner of Rapid Press


  • David Bernard-Stevens, Chief Executive Officer at Effective Change Consultants, Ltd:  “Ann has a no nonsense approach and has a way of knocking down the various barriers people and companies build up and replace those barriers with truth, transparency, and an environment that allows for greater change and growth “
  • Rebecca Kinkead, Boston Scientific:  “...Another quality of Ann’s is her ability to see both sides of the story to make sense of a situation and come up with a solution”.
  • Xay Yang, Boston Scientific:  “Ann is a highly innovative person. She is very sincere and works with you patiently to ensure that you understand the training. She thinks well out of the box and her ideas allow you to view things from all perspectives. I appreciate and value the her knowledge of adult learning and coaching strategies.”





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